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Q: What is GORPSM?

A: GORP Graduate Orthodontic Residents ProgramSM was begun by Dr. Jim McNamara in 1989 at the University of Michigan. It is unique as the first program in medicine or dentistry to annually bring together residents from across the country for specialty education and networking. It is generously sponsored by the orthodontic industry and our professional specialty association, the AAO.

Q: What is the deadline for registration?

A: Registration will close on Friday, July 19, 2024, at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time.  Due to the number of awesome events that we have planned, we are required to provide our vendors and hosts with attendance numbers at this time.  Make sure to register early! Please note that because of our fixed costs, we cannot cancel your registration after registration closes on July 19. Please make sure you have permission from your school to attend GORP before you register!


Q: What do I do if I make a mistake or have questions about my registration?

A: Contact our registration specialists at


Q: After registering, I realized that I won’t be able to attend GORP.  Can I get a refund and cancel my registration?

A: We are sorry, but because of our fixed costs, we cannot offer any refunds for the Friday activities after you have registered, nor can we cancel your registration after registration closes on July 19 (see above). If you have registered, but cannot attend GORP, please let us know. (See next question)


Q: I see there is a no-show fee for events. What’s that all about?

A: Unfortunately, there will be a $75 charge if you register for the banquet on Saturday evening and don’t come. If you register for GORP and don’t show up at all, there will be a $200 no-show fee. Except for the optional Friday activities, GORP is free to residents. This includes your room, your food, the Thursday Welcome Reception at Revel and Roll, the picnic at the Big House on Friday, Saturday’s outstanding lectures, and Saturday evening’s GORP Banquet at the amazing Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. You’ll never get a better deal than this! 

However, it also means we have a very tight budget and can’t afford to pay for food not eaten and rooms that are not being used. Again, please make sure you have permission from your school to attend GORP before registering.


Q: Will there be any other charges?

A: All U of M room key cards must be returned at checkout or there will be a $25 charge per card by the University of Michigan.


Q: Will there be parking available if we drive to Ann Arbor?

A: Yes, we will provide options for parking during your stay here at your own cost.  Stay tuned for more information!


Q: What will the housing arrangements be for GORP? Will I be rooming with my co-residents?

A: GORP will pay for residents to stay in one of the residence halls on the university’s main campus. This is the most convenient location for the majority of GORP’s activities. For those activities off campus, buses will depart from and return to Alice Lloyd Hall. Rooms will be either single or double occupancy. Bathrooms are located down the hall on every floor. As we organize room assignments, co-residents will be paired up first, but depending on room availability, you may be paired with residents from another school. We will do all we can to protect everyone’s privacy, but you may get to know some residents better than others! That is part of the GORP experience!


Q: Do I really have to stay in a college dorm room? I’m not 18 years old anymore!

A: No, you do not have to stay in the university’s dorm. However, should you decide to stay in a local hotel, you will be responsible for your hotel bill and any transportation costs to and from GORP events. Remember, part of GORP is getting to know your fellow residents from other schools!


Q: Where will the lectures be held?

A: The lectures and Exhibit Hall will be in the Michigan League. 911 N University Ave. For a map of campus, see: